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Hawk Knife Designs

PONY & SLIM LINE  Knives Now Available!

The Pony Knife is one of the first knives that we designed and made about 15 years ago, and we are so happy that it is being made again by Millit Knives.

Not only do we now have two options for the classic Pony design, we also have a whole new take on it: the Slim Line.

The Slim Line is a thinner version of the Pony Knife, and has a wide variety of options to customize it to your liking (click the link above).

If you'd like to purchase a Slim Line or a Pony Knife please click the link above to see available design & pricing options!

Once you've purchase the knife, feel free to purchase any of the available upgrades listed.

Once your order has been received, we will email you to confirm the details.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for shipping.

Thank you,

G&G Hawk

Click Here to Purchase a Pony or Slim Line Knife!