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Hawk Knife Designs


The Bottleneck design boasts a bottle opener, butterfly knife which attaches effortlessly to any key ring with it's integral handle/latch configuration. The blade is a 400 series stainless steel with a modified tanto edge. The handle is made of the same material. It is a patented latch-lock with integrated handle springs. This handy knife only weighs 3.1 oz and is the perfect small everyday carry knife, whether it be used for cutting open boxes or opening a refreshing drink. The bottle opener can be accessed and used while the knife is still attached to a key chain, and with just a simple flip of the latch the knife is activated and exposes the blade. Click here for video.



Vicious Circle

The MK-14 “Vicious Circle” may not look vicious around your neck, but this self-defense jewelry easily becomes vicious in your hand. With a visually appealing circular shape, it looks like a pendant at first sight, complete with a neck sling for wearing as a necklace. This ambidextrous ring knife can be easily disengaged with a simple twist of the wrist by grabbing the ring and rolling it in a downward rotational motion. This action opens and locks the blade; disengaging it from the rest of the necklace. This eye catching pendant knife allows you to be armed and ready for anything, anytime, anywhere. The blade is an  AUS-8 stainless steel hawkbill with a trigger locking system. Click here for video.


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 The Mantis Cyclops is an innovative and stylish folding neck knife. This Cyclops has a 6061 aluminum frame which also acts as a sheath system for the hawkbill style blade. The Cyclops can be worn around the neck and quickly released by simply pulling on the ring (the blade is locked open via an internal liner lock). With a bit of practice the ring can be quickly reattached to the neck chain. Click here for video.

No Longer in Production