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The unique attribute that the Ti-Lock Blue Steam has is the special CGG graphic and the blue sapphire cabochon inlay. The 3D machined handle of stonewashed titanium shows of the steam punk gear cog motif. Just as a standard Reeve Ti-Lock, the knife features  its innovative Titanium Strap-Lock technology, which allowed us to take a more flexible approach to the design of the blade and handle. The Ti-Lock has aluminum bronze thumb lugs.. The Ti-Lock's 3.25" blade is composed of CPM S35VN Stainless Steel. The handle and lock spring are made of 6Al4V Titanium, the most durable and resistant titanium alloy available.

Ti-Lock "Blue Steam"

No Longer in Production

Ti-Lock Blue Steam Edition

The Ti-Lock is not an exercise in ultimate lock strength; it is an exercise in mechanical innovation. The mechanism was originally conceived as a means to isolate the lock from the body of the knife in order to allow more design freedom for handle and frame. Completely ambidextrous, the Ti-Lock allows equal left and right hand use.


No Longer in Production

Video by BladeHQ

Photo Credits: Chris Reeve Knives

Elemental: (adjective) pertaining to chemical elements.

Continuing the tradition set last year with “Blue Steam”, the Ti-Lock graphic for 2016 is called Elemental.

• Titanium handles, lock spring and pocket clip

• S35VN stainless steel blade

• Silicone bronze lugs

• Hematite cabochon (hematite is the mineral form of iron oxide)

A composition of elements, enhanced with a front and back graphic

reminiscent of atomic structure, brings a science/tech feel to the

already innovative collaboration between ourselves and Chris Reeve Knives.

Ti- Lock "Elemental"

No Longer In Production

Ti- Lock In Motion 2017 Edition

The Ti- Lock “In Motion” is the last new Ti- Lock design to be made! We only have a couple for sale, so if you’re interested, act fast!

Click here to purchase.

Ti Lock “ In Motion”